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Crawling Cattleyas

by Jay Balchan


I began growing orchids when I moved to Texas from New Jersey in 1992.   I had always liked growing house plants in NJ, but had never grown orchids there.   My first orchid plant was a nice blooming Phalaenopsis from the Home Depot.  I figured this was a tropical plant, so I stuck it outside to experience the nice tropical rains that we get in Houston.   Well of course within 2 days, that plant was a mushy mess!   I vowed to do better after that.  I bought another couple of plants and did better with them.  Within a few weeks, I wanted to buy a few more plants so I used what is now an ancient marketing tool called “The Yellow Pages” to find local orchid vendors in the area.    Remember, “The Yellow Pages” was state of the art technology back in the ‘90’s.    I ended up going to a nursery belonging to Julia and Charles Wilson.  What a magical place it was!!    Greenhouses full of blooming and growing orchids!   Amazing!    From there I was hooked.   Julia sold bundles of old American Orchid Society Bulletins and I bought a bunch of those and was sold on the AOS.  She also told me about a local society, the Houston Orchid Society which met in Hermann Park.   I remember my first meeting as a visitor and seeing gigantic display plants brought in by a long gone member, Bob Swearingen…. Huge plants in majestic flower.   I also joined the Newcomers group headed up by Stephen Moffitt at the time.   One of the homes we visited was owned by Ron Bayer who had built a beautiful greenhouse in his back yard which was stained cedar with leaded glass windows.  This served as design inspiration for building my own greenhouse in which I now have over 3,000 blooming sized plants.   Over the years, I have been fortunate to have held every position in the HOS, some multiple times.   I’m also now involved with the AOS and I would strongly encourage everyone who is not a member of the AOS to join.   The growing advice and information that is available to AOS members is overwhelming!


My topic in this meeting will be “Crawling Cattleyas”…. C nobilior, walkeriana, aclandiae and schilleriana.   These species are fantastic in the own right and have has a profound impact on hybridizing.   They require slightly different potting conditions as compared to “standard” cattleyas, but are easy to grow in Houston with a few simple tips which we will discuss.

See you in January!


Please join us on January 2, 2020 at 7:30 to hear Jay's presentation.


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