Positions & Roster

Advisory Positions

Judges Roster

Chair: Don Maples

Vice-Chair: Don Ghiz

Secretary: Harriet Davis

Treasurer: Holly Miller

Librarian: Don Ghiz

Training: Fr. Ted Baenziger

Chief Clerk: Claudia Ludwig

Plants by Mail: Nina Rach

Center Logistics: Harriet Davis

Research: Terri Dolney

Communications: Holly Miller

Photographers: Malcolm McCorquodale, Julius Klehm, Marilyn Holloway & Tom Durrett

Web: Tom Durrett


Anita Aldrich

Don Ghiz

Don Maples

Fr. Ted Baenziger

Greg Scott

Harriet Davis

Holly Miller

John Stubbings

Linda Fries

Marilyn Holloway

Nina Rach


Donna Craig

Julius Klehm

Marvin Gerber

Regina Wilson

Renee Gerber


Jim Butler

Joe FIelds

Melba Butler



Dennis Tomjack

Derek Lowenstein

Tom Durrett





Kent Daniel

Randy Johnson


In Memorium

Alice Barrios

Ken Wilson

Jerry Stephens

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