Summer Workshop

Workshop Schedule

We will begin the Workshop at 9:00 AM (CDT). We expect that each presentation will take one hour and then the speaker will respond to written questions from the audience.


Bill Thoms: “Bulbophyllums: Big, Beautiful and Bizarre”

Bill Thoms has been growing orchids for almost 50 years in Central Florida, where it is 95 and humid for months – and then freezing for 1 night several times each winter.


He wrote the book on Bulbophyllums and has more than 50 Cultural Awards in this genus among the 105 in 29 other genera he and his better half, Doris Dukes, have acquired so far.  There is an award given by the AOS in his name for the best example of the Alliance shown that year. His presentations are like a classroom run by a professor who is also a stand-up comic and magician. Whether you grow a few, thousands or none at all – he will entertain you and give you lots of practical tips to make any of your plants grow and bloom more betterer.



Dr. Martin Motes will speak on, "Temperature Tolerant Low Light Vandas"

Dr. Martin Motes is a second generation orchidist who has been growing orchids for 60 years. He is president of Motes Orchids, a major producer of vandas. He has bred hundreds of new hybrids, for which he has received scores of American Orchid Society awards, including three FCC’s and three Awards of Quality. His hybrids received Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the 18th World Orchid conference in Dijon, March 2005. One hybrid garnered the trophy as “Best Vanda in Show”. Other hybrids have won medals in previous WOCs as well as at the European Orchid Conference. Additionally, numerous of his hybrids have been recognized by the Royal Horticultural Society and in other international judging venues. He is an accredited American Orchid Society judge. Martin Motes is the author of Vandas: Their Botany, History, and Culture, Florida Orchid Growing: Month by Month, Florida Vanda Growing.


Both speakers would love to take your plant order and ship them to you.


Bill Thoms website:

Motes Orchids website:



Please pre-register before July 30.  You will then receive the link to join the meeting once you have registered. The Go-To-Meeting software will support up to 150 attendees so early registration is important.


RSVP by emailing Rosalvina G at  Please confirm all attendees in the email to Rosalvina.


Day of Workshop

Please log onto the website prior to 9:00 AM. You will be asked to download the Go-To-Meeting app before joining the meeting.


If you have questions around the Workshop, please feel free to email me at

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